Annabel Boys
Health coach with a PhD in health behaviour

Giving back


It all started when...

A couple of years ago, I met Kit Yoon (a health coach and acupuncturist living in Ohio, USA) through an online course. We became each other’s accountability partners and talked weekly. At the end of 2016, Kit proposed an interesting challenge to me - she wanted to know if I would join her in giving up processed sugar for three months! My initial reaction was 'No way! - waaaaay to tricky!', but after a bit of thought I realised that actually if there were something BIG at stake then yes - I was up for it - but it had to be about something positive and not just some crazy purer-than-thou type restrictive diet thing. I am most definitely NOT into willpower and denial (as you may have gathered by reading my website!). 

And so the Sweet Charity Challenge was born.

Annabel and Kit meeting in person! UK, March 2017

Annabel and Kit meeting in person! UK, March 2017

Our plan was to do the challenge ourselves (cut all processed sugar out of our diets) but at the same time to invite others to join us (for more accountability) and use this as a way to raise some money for charity.

This felt like a good balance. While gaining accountability for ourselves (where there is more at stake and more people watching its harder to just bale out of something - right?) we realised we could create a space for holding others accountable too (if they wanted to join us) AND raise money! Win-win!!!!

So our first 'Sweet Charity Challenge lasted 3 months and raised $10K which we donated towards providing an education for disadvantaged children living in South East Asia.

Find out more about us, and any upcoming challenges that we are a part of here